AMIGOS gives you an exciting chance to have an adventure and explore the world outside of a classroom. You will live in a new country or state and work on sustainable community service projects. These experiences prepare you for your future, improve your Spanish, and build your confidence. You develop leadership skills that will set you apart in college and throughout your career. With AMIGOS, you will learn about the world by living in it. Click here to explore our High School Programs.
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Financial Assistance Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, please submit the application as soon as possible!

January 31, 2022 is the Final Application Deadline.



The San Diego Chapter will be hosting an in-person information session on Saturday, December 4, at 3:00pm at a local Board member’s home in Encinitas. Families can RSVP to, and they will be sent the exact address.

Before attending a local information session, we encourage you to attend one of our HQ led info sessions. Click here to register! Please be sure to attend a Summer Program Info Session.



Interviews will be held on a rolling basis. Once you attend an information session and complete your application, a representative from the San Diego Chapter will contact you to schedule your family interview.



If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact


The AMIGOS San Diego Chapter is part of a 20 Chapter Network that recruits, trains, and supports AMIGOS volunteers and families in their local community. Volunteers from San Diego and outlying areas train together as a group before leaving for their summer experience in Latin America or Colorado. Our board supports volunteers with packing, pre-departure immunizations, fundraising, and overall preparation. Learn more about our Summer Programs here!

San Diego Volunteers Attend:

Canyon Crest Academy • Chaparral • El Camino • El Capitan • Francis Parker • Great Oak • La Costa Canyon • Mater Dei • Murrieta Mesa • Murrieta Valley • Pacific Ridge • Pacific Trails • Point Loma • Sage Creek • San Diego High School of International Studies • San Dieguito Academy • Santa Monica • Torrey Pines • Troy High • Vistamar • Westview


The cost to participate in an AMIGOS Latin America Summer Program in the San Diego Chapter is $4,375*.

The cost to participate in an AMIGOS Western Colorado Program in the San Diego Chapter is $5,475*.

The San Diego Chapter covers AMIGOS program costs through a combination of family payments and fundraising activities. This approach allows us to keep costs to families low while teaching valuable fundraising and community outreach skills. All volunteers are required to fully take part in each fundraising activity as fundraising skills are an important component of AMIGOS training program and raise awareness of AMIGOS programs in the community.

*Flight costs are not included. Learn more about airfare and travel support here.



Each volunteer is required to send out a combination of letters and emails to friends, family and supporters to request individual tax-deductible donations(the revenue from this effort is pooled). Letters are written by the participant with considerable help provided by the chapter during the process. Each volunteer is expected to fundraise $1,600. We will provide a template and provide support to volunteers throughout the process. In the past we have hosted letter writing parties.


Extra Fundraiser

We have also hosted restaurant nights, garage sales, and other creative events to raise money. We are always open to ideas!


Additional funding opportunities

All alumni interested in volunteering again with AMIGOS qualify to apply for the Alumni Award.


Non-Refundable Application Fee: $50

Latin America Project Family Fee: $4,375*

Western Colorado Project Family Fee: $5,475*

*Flight costs are not included. Learn more about airfare and travel support here.



  • Training materials and workshops
  • Secondary short-term international medical insurance
  • Program excursions
  • Food, lodging, and transportation in Latin America
  • Supplies for community project and extracurricular activities
  • 24-hour On Call Emergency Management System
  • Travel hotline and support

Click here for more information about our Fees & Funding.


AMIGOS actively recruits and supports inclusion of participants from diverse backgrounds. AMIGOS provides needs-based financial assistance with distribution determined by family income, number of dependents and special financial circumstances. We provide amounts of $500–$2,000 to qualified applicants as deductions on the family fee.

Financial Assistance Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The Financial Assistance Application is a separate application available to complete through your dashboard. After receiving an application, the San Diego Chapter will convene to determine their local San Diego Chapter financial assistance award amounts. Apply here!

Please contact the Chapter Treasurer at for more information.



The transformative AMIGOS experience starts before leaving home.

With over 55 years of experience preparing young people for travel and service abroad, AMIGOS training offers unparalleled global youth leadership development. Pre-departure training equips volunteers with the critical thinking, communication skills, and technical knowledge they need to make a meaningful impact across cultures while staying healthy and safe. The San Diego Chapter AMIGOS training is a youth-led, experiential learning that prepares volunteers for their AMIGOS experience, builds a community of youth and families with shared values, and develops life-skills to help volunteers succeed beyond AMIGOS. Training sessions are facilitated by the Training Team and include guest speakers from the community and the San Diego Chapter Board of Directors.


  • Unparalleled leadership development
  • Cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Hands-on training for technical aspects of the program
  • Extensive health and safety training
  • Opportunities to practice Spanish
  • Creating a community of young people with shared values

Training Calendar

Saturday, February 12, 10:00am-2:00pm

Saturday, March 26, 10:00am-2:00pm

Saturday, May 7, 10:00am-2:00pm

Saturday, May 21, 10:00am-2:00pm

Training location TBD


Roger Williams
Acting President/Treasurer
Mia Medina
Vice President
Randy Proal
Co-Fundraising Coordinator
Jill Roth
Language Director
Mike Nelson
Medical Director
Rakesh Patel
At Large



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